Read about Joanne's story of being single for years, with no relationship lasting longer than 2-3 months to finding her soulmate, a dream, high quality, masculine man that is head over heels in love with her, totally devoted to her and is powerfully moving the relationship forwards towards engagement and lifetime partnership (all of this happened in under 10 months).

Robin's painful breakup leads her to find her Irresistible core as a beautiful, feminine woman- and whereas before this she couldn't get her boyfriend to pay her a compliment or ever call her beautiful- watch what happens when she meets up with him again. Sparks fly!

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Anna's boyfriend loses attraction for her and desire for intimacy with her as she struggles with self-esteem issues, codependence and neediness. Watch how Anna turns this all around and becomes an embodied Feminine Goddess and how her ex- sees her again and goes crazy for her, claiming her as his.